I'm Sarah!

Knowing someone... what does that mean? How does that happen?

It would be easy for me to give you a short paragraph "about me," and that might be helpful to you, too. 

God is my friend and He likes me. He has taken me to and through many different countries on the globe but these sights and experiences are simply a reflection of the deep places of God’s heart. Isn’t that the journey we’re all looking for?

I am messy but I am a thinker. I'm often late but I will always invest in who is in front of me. I like to shake things up and I can sleep anywhere through almost anything. I love the obscure details that make human beings completely unique.

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writer // PHOTOGRAPHer // SPEAKer

I am burning for people to journey into God’s heart just as I have. To really seek HIM, not just to have correct doctrine or perfect church attendance. To think against the grain and seek truth even when it doesn't warrant acceptance. I write, speak and take photos to bring people into awareness of a God who delights in them, a God who desires to be intimately connected to each and every one of us, a God who brings us the promise of eternal life through His son, Jesus Christ. Just like Jesus did, I long to reveal the Father in all I do.

I love partnering with the Lord in opening people’s eyes to see how awe-inspiring, captivating, and wonderful they really are. These truths are crying out to be communicated. They are waiting for someone to take hold of them and sprinkle them all over humanity. These truths are the truths that will guide a generation into a resounding YES to Jesus.

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"I think brains are better when they're pulled apart. I think thoughts are better when they're on the table. I think hearts are better when they're on a sleeve."