a glimpse of raw emotions before the resolve

disordered by date

Layers and layers of my heart exposed

Placed onto paper for the world to see

Some can see me, others think I’m crazy


I ask, is creating art worth the risk?

When it leaves me feeling naked like this?

Layers and layers of my heart exposed


My critics are like castles or acid

A retreat, or deteriorating

Some can see me, others think I’m crazy


I am showing you my deepest secrets

Disguised in rhyme schemes for your appeasement

Layers and layers of my heart exposed


Anyone literate can read my words

But can you speak the language of my heart?

Some can see me, others think I’m crazy


When again my mind weighs the risk, I find

Not creating is the crime of mankind

Layers and layers of my heart exposed

Some can see me, others think I’m crazy

April 12, 2017


My mind was always open

Ready to be broken



You were ready for a moment



The depths of inward poems


The thoughts that never stopped rolling


The place where time stood frozen


A sacred moment

Of knowing


But you didn't know how to go


A mind that was already open

To you

So you missed your ocean


The shallow you go

With a heart that was broken

In two

April 13, 2016


little children running and trusting

curious minds searching for something

when the world is a playground

there is hidden truth to be found


mismatched shoes 

marched on by people who abuse

oversized glasses

surveyed by a society obsessed with status 

chopped bangs

met the inevitable growing pains

of adulthood telling us it makes sense

to give away our innocence 

June 11, 2016


Chipped paint

And scratched copper

Scruffs on the wall

Built up after time

They tell a story

Even to the blind

September 1, 2016


My head belongs in the clouds

Far from reasonable expectations of the crowds

Because reason does not belong here

Impossible dreams as thick as the fog here


I'd rather be drowning in depth

Than suffocating in shallow


Rain, rain can you stay?

I'm falling falling in love with the way

Falling droplets wash away

Trespassing confusion that believed it could stay


Falling droplets from the sky

Satisfying my inquiring mind

Asking me questions - why, why?


Thoughts clarified in the rain

Thinking weather wakes up my brain


Falling falling just outside

I wonder if it knows

How it makes me come alive?


Long lost dreams have been found

As falling raindrops hit the ground

Watering the faith in my footing

While my head stays happy in the clouds

My feet stand firm and join the pools on the ground

While the world wonders what I am doing


When the rain came

Running thoughts became running dreams

Running dreams became running feet

Running running away from reasonable expectations


Impossible dreams hit the pavement

They scream I told you so

To the ones who said my dreams would never make it

April 8 2016


My pen bleeds

Thoughts overflowing

Like black ink

Paper stained

With curiosities

There’s no delete

What we think

Is real.

August 25, 2016


June 24, 2016


Filling voids

Passing time

Curing boredom

Getting tired

Feeling lonely

...Or a poisonous mix

Of the entire list? 


2 4 6 8 

Who do you appreciate? 

Are we talking because it's late? 

Because you need to relate 

To someone who has ears to hear? 

What are we doing here? 

Are we talking because everyone else is asleep?

Passing time and thinking on our feet

Witty remarks and questions that dig deep


Do you want to know my heart? 

Or do you want to cure loneliness when it gets dark? 


Are we talking now because it can't wait?

Or is it because I'm the only one awake?


Are you interested in me 

Or in having a friend?

And what happens when 

Someone more interesting walks in? 


When the lights turn on and you live normal life

Am I a distant thought in your mind or do I remain? 

And if I stay, why doesn't it feel the same? 

During the day when small chat replaces deep exchange 

We're both left wondering if this is all a mistake


But the most dangerous thing is 

That we both get tired and lonely 

A deadly combination 

That looks nothing like holy matrimony

We were

At a crossroads 

Of your hard season

And my hard headed insecurity 

And both of our


Of feelings

That were never communicated



Blinded us together 

I thought you used me

You thought I forgot you 

Just as the others 

Always did to us before 

And because I never got closure

And you never got clarity

Here we are 

365 days later 

Still writing poetry 

About something 

That was nothing 

June 24, 2017


August 16, 2016


She liked her coffee black

Simple and bold

Her flavor stayed in your mouth

Even when you spat her out

After saying she was too strong

But she knew she was a rare one

And didn’t mind waiting for the right one

Who acquired a taste for delicacy

She’ll find him… eventually





I finally know how my God feels






Unlike me, He knows why we do the things we do






Missing the promised fullness

Because we never took time

To understand the



March 15, 2016


August 24, 2016


Scorching coffee sears my tongue

Maybe I should have followed suit in your obscurities

Drinking coffee after leaving it lonely for half an hour

I thought you had been burned one too many times

When you had less years and less fears

I thought you were crazy

But maybe you were patient

Maybe you knew the importance of percolation

Maybe you knew how to wait

For something, someone to mature to their best version

May 11, 2016


I can't stop staring at the exit sign

I wonder what's going on outside?

Trapped in a room run on autopilot

Everyone dying inside, but tradition hides it

Childhood dreams forced to be silent 

Don't show emotion, you must be quiet 

Is it fun or routine that makes time fly?

The workday ends, time to come alive! 

We're finally home, but forgot to take off our ties

Mom and Dad fight as the baby cries

Avoiding fatherhood, "I got her last time!

Sure I love you, but I have reports to finalize."

Every member of the family living separate lives 

Morning comes, back to crowded metro lines

The American Dream - could it be our demise?

August 25, 2016



Together our minds unravel

And I don’t always need answers

Just the freedom to ask questions


Because I’d rather stay childlike

Back and forth

Back and forth

The things we’ve wondered about all the time

Finally brought out of storage in the back of our minds

They needed someone tell tell them, “You don’t have to hide”

Curiosity awakens curiosity inside

As we see how many unanswerable questions we can find

Hard bound

History of



Read it

And everything




From lugging around


Of places

We’ve never been

And daily life

That did not


Or explore

July 24, 2016


Jan 5, 2017


If I could live without you before 

I can live without you after  

I wish these ties were clean

I wish the break was complete


I can't unlearn you 

Or forget, my mind doesn't want to 

It takes time to repave a road 

A road my mind loves to go 


Someone show me a detour

An easy way of escape 

This choice is one I don’t want to make 

Memory lane is the road I love to take 


Because you live there

Somewhere between 

Nostalgia that screams

And hope that whispers 

Everything about you is familiar 


It’s time to leave my bags behind

The memories and dreams alike

A lighter load, an unpaved road


To you I wave goodbye

If only in my mind

Sometimes we forget

The windows roll down

Our voices get loud

We can dream in the day

And ride shopping carts around


Sometimes we forget

Trees were meant to climb

Throw away the map

Let's see what we find


We can have a day to do absolutely nothing

Filled with sitting and thinking instead of running

We can pick wild flowers

And pretend we have super powers

We don't need all the answers

And seriousness can be healed with laughter

We don't need to be in a hurry

And peace was meant to rule this life, not worry


Sometimes we forget

That life can be fun

Laughter can be mature

And wonder is our nature