adventure with purpose






These words are the essence of a life “fulfilled.” They band together to define what every person craves: fun.

But these actions can only go so far. 

Without purpose, these words merely signify moments in time. Purpose is necessary for these words to become actions that don’t just change your story, but change the world. And I mean a purpose that goes beyond “adventuring” and “exploring” so that you can caption your Instagram pictures accordingly.

What if these things had the power to move beyond the temporary, beyond our exclusive and finite stories? What if our adventures had an eternal impact? What if our passions healed a nation? What if our explorations introduced someone to their Father?

What is truly valuable in life? Is it the experiences, or the purpose behind them?

I have always been full of wondering and wandering. The world is captivating, and fully worth discovering. However, I used to crave these things because I wanted a glorious story to tell. I wanted them for myself. I just wanted to have fun. Eventually, my passions transformed from inwardly self-serving to outwardly selfless, as I got to know God better. His desires truly became mine. I realized I was settling for less than I was capable of every time I chose to partake in one of those words solely for my own experience.

I knew God was calling me out of complacency, and into an adventure with HIM. It wasn't until I partnered with Him that I found the true meaning of passion, adventure, travel, exploration, and discovery. These words suddenly gained infinite meaning when I did them with the Infinite One Himself. All the sudden, there was a purpose behind my wondering and wandering heart. Words came alive and I stepped into a new lifestyle of FUN. But not just fun that lasts a weekend then fades. This fun I have experienced is significant; it has a purpose that goes beyond myself. This fun is Kingdom fun, fun that goes beyond the bounds of time and logic. 

This fun has a purpose behind it that can change the world.

God is not boring.

He is the passion that fuels us to
He travels with us, showing us that
He is worth exploring, and when we explore Him,
we discover Him.

Again, God is not boring!!! He is not just hiding within a hymnal, only coming out on Sunday mornings when we flip to the right page. He is alive and wants to live out the adventure of life with us. And knowing this changes everything.

Fun turns into a life-changing, wall-breaking, dead-raising partnership with the King of Kings. 

I knew YWAM (Youth With A Mission) was the perfect place to step out of the safety of my comfort zone and into a life-changing adventure with God. I knew YWAM would help me put a world-changing purpose behind my passions. So, I took a risk. I stepped outside of the restraining box of what the world called normal. I stepped out of my boat and trusted God to help me walk on water. Soon enough, I was on my way to Australia with only a hiking backpack and passport. I left my family, friends, norms, and comfort zone 8,500 miles (13,800 km) away, ready for unplanned experiences and opportunities as I grew into everything God created me to be.

How could that ever get boring? There is always more fun to be had with God...

I personally invite you to join me on my adventure of discovering who God is, and making Him known throughout the world here at YWAM Townsville!

Acts 26:16, "But rise and stand on your feet. For I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a servant and a witness both of what you have seen and of what I will yet reveal to you."