created for reunion

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Brisbane International Airport


The beauty of Jesus is that He is not confined to a book. He enjoys justhanging out with us. And one of my favorite things about Him... He actually enjoys doing nothing with us. So as I'm sitting with Jesus in this airport, surrounded by suitcase wheels constantly turning and people striving to make their appointments, we find stillness together. Because stillness is not a lack of movement, but an intentional focus. And focusing is easier than it sounds; it is merely turning our attention to the One who is already there. Just remembering Him.

For some, going to the airport is a nightmare. For me, it transforms me into a little girl with unrealistic awe. In a place designed for those rushing to the next destination, I find myself sitting, spectating. Lost in a standstill because I cannot convince my eyes to turn away from the miracle of reunion. It is worthy of spectation, and deserves a larger crowd.

To see the raw reactions of two people deeply connected reunited with one another... Not one moment is forced. Not one moment is fake.

Jesus breaks the silence, "Your infatuation with these moments is a reflection of My heart. I am longing for the day when all My children are reunited with Me. You were made for reunion."

Okay WHAT God?... 

Of course. God FIRST loved us. 

When we say, "I was introduced to Jesus..." I think we are missing the big picture. Introduction implies meeting a stranger for the first time. But when we meet Jesus, we are reuniting with the One who has been DEEPLY IN LOVE with us from the beginning of time. He is no stranger. 

That's why entering into an eternally saving relationship Jesus is so powerful. It is not an exchange of first names and a handshake... It is being with someone you've known (consciously or subconsciously) that has been missing from your life. It is a reunion: a full embrace that completely captures your mind, soul, and body. You are nowhere else but in that moment, with that person, fully present. It causes onlookers to pause and spectate as it awakens in them the suppressed truth that we were all created for reunion.

Having a twin sister has given me a fraction of insight about what this connection feels like. I have lived a secretless life with her - every microscopic detail, every life-changing decision, every triumph, every struggle, everything - shared with one person since before birth. Just imagine that type of bond for a second…

When we are apart, I know something is missing. Sometimes I am thinking about it, other times I'm not. But just because I am not actively thinking about her, doesn't mean I am not physically missing someone.

But then there's Jesus.

Jesus has been with us, each and every individual one of us, since before the foundations of the earth. From before we were ever created. He loved us even then, and never stopped.

Yet we wonder why we live life without Him and feel like we're missing something. It's someONE.

I was apart from my sister, Lauren, for six months and I looked forward to that reunion every day for six months! What a picture of genuine anticipation this painted me. After all this time, the day came that I knew I would see her again. I waited in the airport for an agonizing six hours for this reunion. Every minute felt like an hour. My eyes glued on the clock, it was all I could think about. Time seemed to multiply itself. How much longer? 

I was willing to wait for this reunion, I knew it would be nothing short of glorious, but every part of me wanted it NOW. 

I felt like I could not wait any longer to see my best friend... But I did. Because I knew the wait would be worth it. 

I thought six hours was almost unbearable... Yet God has been waiting to be reunited with His children since the beginning of time. WHAT?! I know God feels the same as I did in those moments of waiting at the airport, except on an intensely larger scale. He is incredibly patient. Because He knows being with His children again is always worth the wait. 

And I think I love Lauren. No. I'm not even capable of feeling a grain of the infinite love God constantly has. How must He feel? (I'm serious, actually stop reading this and take a moment to let that soak into who you are.)

How could we not have a burning passion to see EVERY PERSON WE ENCOUNTER reunited with their Creator, their Source of all good things, the Love of their lives? And to also see God reunited with the ones He died for just to have this intimate and forever life-changing reunion? Where He actually comes down to our level and embraces us... Not just once but any time. Where He picks up our chins when we need comfort, holds our hands when we need guidance, and rolls around on the floor laughing with us when we need joy.  

This reunion is not a one time thing! It blossoms into a relationship that God has been pursuing and stewarding from the beginning. He initiated it. 

People at the airport don't have an extravagantly beautiful reunion just to go their separate ways again and keep living normal lives individually. They GO HOME with one another. They WALK AND TALK to one another. Until their company and unity becomes their new NORMAL LIFE. Until they are so comfortable with one another that they don't have to think of how to act or what to say, they just BE, together. Until they live so closely that it pains both of them to be apart ever again.

And I think that's what Jesus is calling us into every single day, every single moment. Not to just have an encounter with Him and then go on with our own lives, waiting for the next encounter. He encounters us so our lives can be intertwined. So we become ONE with Him. United. 

His plan for us was always to be united with Himself. When we meet Him, we meet the One who takes away everything that separates us from Him if only we let go of it. Jesus made a way to give us the promised unity the Father is crying out for! Every moment. Reunion is for everyone.