creating in season

Words carry weight. We hear this all the time. They carry weight because they came from a HUMAN; they are attached to a HEART.

We have all seen the difference between writing that comes merely from the brain – routine, meeting expectations, normal, what we are supposed to say - and words that almost seem as if they have been soaking in passion, freedom, inspiration or even  vulnerability before they hit paper. Something is attached to the words. When these words are interacted with and consumed in the mind, something beyond simple words is released and ignited in the heart. These words appeal to something other than logic; they dig deep. They make you think. They make you feel. These words are attached to a heart.

Lately I have been thinking about the importance of creating – journaling, song writing, painting, whatever it may be – from a certain season of life. This is not just for the authors and the ‘talented’ ones; everyone is an artist. I would rather read a heart boldly poured out than grammatically correct sentences any day (and that’s saying a lot because I edit papers for fun).

There’s something to be said about specific seasons, and how we see differently in those places. Have you ever read something you wrote from years past and thought, this is not me anymore? Whether you think this version of yourself is better or worse, it is different. That’s because you aren’t thinking the same thoughts in the same way as you were three years ago. Or yesterday.

We are always learning something. Maybe it’s reinforcement, but we never have identical perspectives two days in a row. And we definitely do not have the same perspective in different seasons.

What worship it is to adore the Lord from such different places, different perspectives. What a gift to Him, and to yourself or the world, to process and share through seasons of life and all of the thoughts that blossom out of that place. When your brain, your beautiful thoughts and ideas are shared, it acts as an invitation to others into that place. It is an invitation for others to know you, and an invitation for others to learn what you’re learning. I believe this is an important part of iron sharpening iron.

Do you ever notice how certain songs, certain writings or books, certain created things take you into the mindset of the creator?

This happened with me with Steffany Gretzinger’s album, The Undoing. When I listen to it, I am invited into a thought process similar to what she was going through when she wrote the music for the album. And yes, she wrote the whole thing from one season. One season from one word God spoke over her: that her whole life is the undoing. This revelation was transferred to me when I participated in what she created from the perspective she had when she was meditating on this word. As I listened, the door was opened to a similar process she went through. Her words carry living power because the Spirit of God was breathing on them when she wrote them.

This is kind of similar to the experiences of authors in the Bible. The authors wrote those books as they were meditating on certain revelations in different seasons. When Paul was being convinced that nothing could separate him from the love of God (Romans 8:38), he wrote about it. His writing invites others into a similar process of being convinced for themselves.

Words are invitations. Whether we understand what we are inviting people into or not, they remain invitations.


I’ve been thinking if we really are brothers and sisters, is our process ever just our own? We are both kidding ourselves and robbing the people around us from an opportunity to be called into deeper understanding, new awareness, fresh perspectives that give way to life-transforming revelations if we keep our journeys to ourselves. (This is no substitute however for direct processing with Holy Spirit. This processing is in fact the prerequisite. Foundational).

The revelations processed with the Lord in your current season, wherever you are, whatever you are going through, will eventually become part of your foundation. Either a new piece of wood, or the sanding of an existing piece, every revelation becomes foundational; they mold the very way we see God and ourselves. What a wonderful thing to process through and share what is yet to become a foundation.  

Sharing in what others have created allows us to partake in their thoughts, their minds, their hearts. Your process does not end with you. This holds incredible power and it changed the way I think about creativity. Masterpieces were never made to be hidden in a dark closet.

What a gift to God, yourself, and others to create out of a unique perspective. Your thoughts and processing are so valuable! The creative work invented out of your season acts as a forerunner, guiding people into deeper understanding and revelation.

- Sarah