the heart songs

Lately I have been starting my mornings asking the Lord what He thinks of me. (If you haven’t tried this yet - do it. It will radically change every detail of your life).

But God shook things up little bit with me the other morning.

He asked me what I thought of Him.

My first intuition was to write down a phrase that one of my favorite worship leaders, Hunter Thompson, sung out one time. “If I know one thing it’s that You are worthy.” I love that sentence!!! It resonates with me because I wholeheartedly agree with it and it is TRUTH. The Lord is worthy!

But... that was not my own articulation of the truth that God is worthy. Those words came from Hunter's heart song to the Father. Not mine. 

The Lord gently told me again to tell Him what I, Sarah Watne, thought of Him.

It might sound elementary, but it challenged me. What did I think of God? I know my beliefs, but how do I articulate them with my personal voice and perspective? With a new combination of words and ideas I haven’t heard anyone else say before?

So I sat and wrote. It was difficult at first, even though I felt like it should have been easy. But I kept writing, kept leaning into the Lord’s invitation. Eventually, it felt like a dam broke in my brain and original thoughts of adoration came pouring out that I didn’t even know where locked up. My thoughts, not someone else’s.

Others can help shape and mold and refine my thoughts, but I should never let their voices or articulations speak on my behalf.

After pouring out my thoughts, I Googled Bible verses about heart songs - super spiritual of me, huh? Ephesians 5:18-19 was the first one that came up.


“ filled with the Spirit,

addressing one another in psalms and hymns and songs from the Spirit,

singing and making melody to the Lord from your heart...”


The Lord showed me something significant in this verse.

This verse is making the distinction between speaking to one another FROM OUR SPIRITS, and worshiping God FROM OUR HEARTS.

What does that even mean?!

Let’s look at the pattern here. (My Communication degree is coming in handy!!! PRAISE!)

This verse outlines two different means of communication, two different audiences, two different pieces of content, and two different sources.

Here is a nice little table for my visual friends out there:

(If you want to dive into the Greek behind this verse on your own, I highly recommend!)


When we speak to one another, we speak from the Spirit - pneumatikos in Greek. This word means “belonging to the Divine Spirit” and is from the root word pneuma, the name for the Holy Spirit in Scripture. We say about one another what God says about them. 

When we sing, praise, worship, God… we do it from our hearts. This is from the Greek word kardia. It denotes the center of ALL spiritual and physical life. It is the soul and mind - our thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors. When we worship, we sing a song out of that place. What do our personal desires say? What do our affections say?

We are all so incredibly unique; we all have a different heart song to worship the Lord.

There is something about singing out from the center of who we are, not just the words that someone else came up with to describe how they felt about God in a particular moment. I’ve been in times of worship before when I am merely repeating what others have said and it becomes more mimicry than it is worship.

When worship comes from the depths of us, our hearts are married to the words. This is the entire premise of worship - offering ourselves, not just words, to the Lord to bring Him glory.

What’s your heart song? Don’t be ashamed to sing it out to your Father - it is His favorite song.



- Sar